How May We Serve?

We are here to give you a personally tailored solution for your hosting needs.  We are flexible with size, scope, and budget for your site - but not its content.

Our Clean-Content Commitment

We welcome clients who want a family-safe site full of good and useful information.  That not only benefits your organization - but the entire on-line community.   We are a perfect fit for:

  • Churches
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Small businesses
  • Private Schools

We Don't Want Just Any Business

Many web hosts will allow anything on their servers.  But we refuse to accommodate any unsuitable content.  And, we accept no advertising - which may display things that you don't support.  This means that our sites have:

  • No pornography
  • No gambling
  • No outside advertising

Does your web hosting company accept inappropriate sites?  Check here.